Starting on Monday March 30th 2020 the Province of Manitoba has limited the number public gatherings to no more than 10 people. Any meetings essential to the running of our congregation will take place remotely and not in person.

During this time of uncertainty and our resulting inability to meet, we wanted to express our sincere appreciation to those who make their offerings through PAR (automatic monthly withdrawal) and those who have made arrangements for ongoing offerings by sending in your cheques, etc.  It ensures that we have a steady flow of income given that our expenses will not decrease during this time.  Should you wish to sign up for PAR or make arrangements for offerings to be forwarded during this time, please contact either Darlene Borowski at (204) 255-1123, or Cindy Ruth at (204) 831-0639,  They will be pleased to help you.

For those wishing to have some regular phone contact during this time that we are apart, please contact Darlene Borowski at (204) 255-1123 and she will ensure that you are connected with another member that is part of our Pastoral Care group.  Also, anyone needing assistance with groceries or errands, please contact Darlene as well and she will connect you with someone who can assist.

During this period of caution, those in need and/or that are vulnerable, continue to need our help.  1 Just City is in desperate need of volunteers and/or donations (financial and/or food).  To find out how you can help or donate, please call (204) 774-3957 (for St. Matthews Maryland) or (204) 416-2240 (for Oak Table) or go their website at

Anyone requiring assistance from Cathy Maxwell (Minister), please contact her via email at

Take care everyone and everyone help to take care.  God Bless. John Van Massenhoven, Chair

Our Church

St. Charles Headingley United Church is a Christian congregation meeting weekly in the RM of Headingley. We have currently amalgamated, Headingley United and St. Charles United to make St. Charles Headingley United Church.

Church picnic.. years ago!

Our worship begins at 10:30am on Sunday mornings from August through June at:

St. Charles Headingley United Church, 110 Bridge Street, Headingley, R4H 1G3.

Children are very welcome in our church. On most Sunday mornings children join us for the first half of the service and then proceed down to the basement for Sunday school. Children of all ages are welcome to stay for the entire service.

If you enjoy singing our choir would welcome you to join us. We are an informal group that enjoys sharing music and community.

Once a month – on the second Sunday, we stay after the service for coffee morning. The basement is busy with great food and chatter. We now have an elevator allowing everyone to access the basement.

We hope you feel warmly welcomed and enjoy our wonderful community.


For funerals, weddings or other use of the church contact our minister Cathy Maxwell through the church office, phone (204)-885-6021. 

Minister: Cathy Maxwell

  • Email:
  • Phone (204)-885-6021

Board Chair: John Van Massenhoven

  • Phone (204)-792-0670 _________________________________________________________________

Life Passages

Life passages are also times for worship. Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms and Confirmations can be arranged.

Thank you for considering St. Charles Headingley United Church as a place to celebrate a life passage.


Mission Statement

“In response to God’s call, we come together to live out our faith in word, deed and action.  We are a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness; and reaches out to our communities and the wider world, through our love for one another and all God’s creation.”


Community Ministry

St Matthews Maryland is one of the community ministries we support.

Grounded in God’s love, St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry builds community well-being; works for justice; and nurtures hope within individuals and families in West Central Winnipeg.

Please visit St Matthews Maryland to learn more.


Cards: to request a card be sent to someone on behalf of our Congregation please contact Judy Teichroew at 204-889-8654 or

Rental space at the church – for information contact Darlene Borowski at 204-255-1123 or

Church Board Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm – Minutes are posted on the Bulletin Board. All are welcome to attend

Our Church UCW – meets the 2nd Tuesday of most months at 10:00 am at the church. All are welcome to join.

St Charles Big Band Practice every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in Church Basement. Contact Randy Dalton for more information about joining at

2 Responses to Covid-19

  1. Irene Greenwood says:

    Because there does not seem to be a way of responding to the worship blog directly in this time of COVID-19, I am writing them here. Thank you, Cathy, for your reflections which have caused me to do some of my own reflecting.

    I am struck by the Psalm reading for the day (Psalm 23), not usually one of my favourites. But the line that does stand out for me is: “Even though we walk through the valley of shadows…” Well, certainly we are in that valley at this time. I might call it a valley of tears. At various times in this past week, I have found myself in tears – tears because I cannot hug our grandchildren,
    – because I see people being incredibly selfish (toilet paper comes to mind),
    – because I see fear in people’s eyes(including my own),
    – because I already hear the exhaustion in the voice of family members who are front line health care workers and I know that exhaustion is echoed in health care workers throughout the world – many who are much further into this valley than we are,
    – because of the economic toll this crisis has had and will continue to have throughout the world,
    – because of the way in which this crisis will be played out among the homeless,
    – because … the list goes on – and so do the tears.

    This is a time for crying and we should not be afraid to do so.

    But in the midst of the tears, I have also noted there are many reasons to celebrate. I celebrate that my partner and I can see and talk with our grandchildren via FaceTime,
    – that there are many more generous people than selfish people – I think of local distilleries shifting from producing vodka to producing hand cleanser and donating it to community agencies or making the product available to the medical system,
    – that there are times when I see laughter in people’s eyes – even if I can only see it by virtual means
    – that there are those who are willing to offer relief to those who are exhausted. I think of retired nurses who have offered to work in long term care homes so that staff in those facilities can move into positions in more critical care situations (I don’t know if this is a real possibility, but I certainly appreciate the willingness of people to do this)
    – that there are some landlords who are willing to let rent go unpaid for a period of time and that there is at least one grocery chain willing to pay more to those workers who continue to come to work daily to stock and clean shelves,
    – that many restaurant owners have donated their food supplies to Main Street project and other organizations that work with the homeless,
    – that … the list goes on – and so I will fear no evil (at least some of the time).


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