Pancake Supper

Come out tonight for an evening of great pancakes, fellowship and fun from 5:30 pm on.

There are several categories for the Pancake Flipping Contest so be sure to come out so you can join in the contest!

pancake flipping

The day beforee the season of Lent is celebrated by Christian communities
around the world in different ways.   In some places it is called “Shrove
Tuesday”.  Shrove translates to “confess”- a time to get right with God.
Across much of the English speaking world it is a time to cook pancakes and
have fun.   In French speaking cultures is referred to a “Mardi Gras” or Fat
Tuesday.  For some, pancake Tuesday was a way of using up rich foods such as butter, sugar and eggs before Lent.


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One Response to Pancake Supper

  1. Nancy Morris says:

    Looking forward to pancakes tonight – A reminder about skates for kids in Garden Hill Indigenous Communities , Bring them any size !!!!
    Nancy Morris


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