About Our Church

St. Charles Headingley United Church is a Christian congregation meeting weekly in the RM of Headingley. We have currently amalgamated, Headingley United and St. Charles United to make St. Charles Headingley United Church.

Church picnic.. years ago!

Our worship begins at 10:30am on Sunday mornings from August through June at:

St. Charles Headingley United Church, 110 Bridge Street, Headingley, R4H 1G3.

Children are very welcome in our church. On most Sunday mornings children join us for the first half of the service and then proceed down to the basement for Sunday school. Children of all ages are welcome to stay for the entire service.

If you enjoy singing our choir would welcome you to join us. We are an informal group that enjoys sharing music and community.

Once a month – on the second Sunday, we stay after the service for coffee morning. The basement is busy with great food and chatter. We now have an elevator allowing everyone to access the basement.

We hope you feel warmly welcomed and enjoy our wonderful community.


For funerals, weddings or other use of the church contact our minister Cathy Maxwell through the church office, phone (204)-885-6021. 

Minister: Cathy Maxwell

  • Email: schuc@mymts.net
  • Phone (204)-885-6021

Board Chair: John Van Massenhoven

  • Phone (204)-792-0670 _________________________________________________________________

Life Passages

Life passages are also times for worship. Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms and Confirmations can be arranged.

Thank you for considering St. Charles Headingley United Church as a place to celebrate a life passage.


Mission Statement

“In response to God’s call, we come together to live out our faith in word, deed and action.  We are a welcoming community that celebrates diversity and inclusiveness; and reaches out to our communities and the wider world, through our love for one another and all God’s creation.”


Community Ministry

St Matthews-Maryland is one of the community ministries we support.

Grounded in God’s love, St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry builds community well-being; works for justice; and nurtures hope within individuals and families in West Central Winnipeg.

Please visit St Matthews-Maryland to learn more.


Cards: to request a card be sent to someone on behalf of our Congregation please contact Judy Teichroew at 204-889-8654 or judy.teichroew@mymts.net

Rental space at the church – for information contact Darlene Borowski at 204-255-1123 or darlmae@shaw.ca

Church Board Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm – Minutes are posted on the Bulletin Board. All are welcome to attend

Our Church UCW – meets the 2nd Tuesday of most months at 10:00 am at the church. All are welcome to join.

St Charles Big Band Practice every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in Church Basement. Contact Randy Dalton for more information about joining at wrdalton57@gmail.com

6 Responses to About Our Church

  1. Gary Graumann says:

    Sorry to see that St. Charles closed in June. I was organist at St. Charles from 1989-1996. Have many great memories while serving at that Church. Blessings to you all at Headingley!
    Gary Graumann


  2. Margaret Mills says:

    Goodbye to Rev Joanne Jury,,June 2018 and welcome August 2018 to Rev Cathy Maxwell!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone this Fall for very full season

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Margaret Mills says:

    Can you believe that this Christmas will be the 35th consecutive one in which we have gone community caroling? In 1981 we piled into John Curry’s huge grain truck and went to the homes of the shut in and elderly, where we were warmly received! After and hour and a half or so, thoroughly frozen, we ended up at John and Barbara Larkin’s house sampling John’s baking and drinking hot chocolate.
    We invite you all to join us for caroling on Sat Dec 17th..meet at the church..time to be advised…and end up at the Mills’ for goodies afterwards!


  4. Glenda says:

    OAKTABLE – The Good News and the Bad News
    Thanks to our wonderful supporters within this church and other supporting congregations, along with a very successful “End Poverty Now” initiative sponsored by 1JustCity, our cupboards are full to overflowing with food, socks and hygiene items! Thank you for your contributions. This is a wonderful position to be in, even though it poses us with a storage problem. It is better to have a storage issue, than a food scarcity issue and for that we are very grateful! We will let you know when more food, toiletries, and socks are needed.

    NOTE: We are out of storage space so we ask you hold on to your food, toiletry, clothing and sock donations until we have room to house them. Thanks for your abundant giving!

    Now that winter is here we do need : men’s briefs and long underwear ( size M & L), women’s briefs and long underwear (size M & L), winter gloves, mitts, toques, and scarves.

    You can continue to help Oak Table with a couple of projects: 1) Our guests need for bus tokens outweighs our capacity to give. With the phasing out of bus tickets, we now need to buy bus tokens for our guests and can only do this with cash at the Transit office. Consider giving a ride to someone in need by donating money for this purpose. 2) At Christmas, for the second year, we plan to give our guests gift cards which will help them cope over the Christmas holiday when we are closed. Last year we gave 191 people gift cards to Giant Tiger, Subway and Tim Hortons. This allowed them to get a meal, coffee, and sundries they could choose on their own. We were told by many of our guests this was a real gift, and for some, the only one they received. If you would like to contribute to this project, make a cheque out to Oak Table and indicate it is for gift cards.


  5. Margaret Mills says:

    To update everyone on our “Little Dresses for Africa” sewing sessions last Fall, we completed a total of 35 kgs of sundresses, shorts and tops, and “Britches for Boys”, as well as “Days for Girls” Hygiene packages, which were all sent, with the blessings of the USA host organisations, to “Disaster Aid Canada” in December. Disaster Aid is headquartered in Victoria B.C. and disperses all donations as needed to disaster struck countries. They were thrilled with our donations, and we were featured in their December 2014 newsletter.
    Due to other ongoing commitments, we have not started up again yet this Spring, but hope to do that again this Fall. We still have lots of raw materials for sewing sessions!
    Thanks to all the volunteers!


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